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Partners in propelling your life as far as you want to take it.

As a collection of Customer-service and Member-support champs, your corporate team at M has the talent, the drive and the experience to help you accomplish whatever you’d like. We’re honored to be part of your total-wellness journey.

Ryan Anderson

An entrepreneur almost since birth*, Ryan is a passionate “people person” devoted to helping entrepreneurs reach new levels of success. He’s built phenomenally successful sales strategies with individuals and teams around the world.

*When he was 6, Ryan traded a pocketknife and a hound dog for a raccoon. Business skills, baby!

Glen Oliver
SVP Operations & International Development

Glen is the “Swiss army knife” of business: 20+ years of international experience in business development, sales & marketing, market setup, sales strategy, operations & fulfillment and much more. He’s also that accomplished at hockey…if you ask him.

Alain Templeman
SVP Information & Technology

Alain is a growth hacker, marketer, strategist, team builder, salesman and coach. He’s launched and run a myriad of successful companies, and now he’s helping M bridge the gaps between strategic and actual results. Knows “The Goonies” by heart.

Dave Webb
SVP Marketing & Communications

Dave’s first direct-sales experience was an invitation to a “circles-on-a-whiteboard” party when he was just 14 (he didn’t join). Since then he’s been a distributor, a consultant, and a marketing/communications leader for a few giants of the industry.